Soc 313 (Social Implications of Medical Issues) Complete Course Material

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SOC 313 (Social Implications of Medical Issues) Complete Course Material

SOC 313 Week 1 DQ 1 Ability, Disability, and Chronic Conditions Ability, Disability, and Chronic Conditions. Prior to completing this discussion, read the Schneiderman (2004) article, “Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Biological Aspects of Chronic Diseases,” and review any relevant Instructor Guidance.
In 200-250 words, analyze the basic issues of human biology as they relate to chronic conditions and describe the interaction between disability, disease, and behavior. Examine and discuss the impact of biological health or illness on social, psychological,
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Integrate how the stage of life, cognitive abilities, and sociocultural position of your chosen person impacts her/his perspective on his/her individual disease.
SOC 313 Week 1 Quiz Ability or Disability, Chronic Illness, and Cancer Terminology Question 1.
Question :
Research found that quality of life was lower due to lack of pain management and spiritual counseling among young adult cancer patients.
Question 2.
Question :
It is more likely for a higher paid individual with more flexible working circumstances to return to work than someone with less education and a more physically demanding job.
Question 3.
Question :
Currently there is ________________ in providing cancer survivorship care. Question 4.
Question :
Students with cancer during their teens do better when they participate in home schooling and wait until the next school year to integrate back into their normal school.
Question 5.
Question :
If cancer spreads from one part of the body to another,
Question 6.
Question :
In surveys about the cancer diagnosis and employment, ___________________.
Question 7.
Question :
Breast and prostate cancer are most likely to be treated with surgery and some combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy regardless of the stage of the cancer.
Question 8.
Question :
Risk factors for cancer include all but:
Question 9.
Question :

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