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Do you think people’s perceptions of others play a role in the success of students with disabilities? Why or why not? Choose one law covered in Chapter 1. These include IDEA, NCLB, Section 504 and ADA. How does your chosen law protect students with disabilities from negative perceptions and beliefs?
Week 1 discussion 1 and 2
I believe that people’s perception does play a role in the success of students with disabilities. It is human nature to stare, fear or ridicule people who appear or act different from what we consider to be normal. For students with physical handicaps or limitations, their self-image is very important to them. They get upset and sometimes depress because they can’t do certain things as other children can because
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The goal to challenge the students with academic content that cultivates all students and results in achievement. This helps students individually by setting standards and making assessments based on the curriculum that they are teaching to the sdtudents. This in turn shows accountability to the students, families, and the community (Turnbull, Turnbull, & Wehmeyer, p.35, 2010). Depending on the disability, their are alternate standards that mark progress if needed, so that it can help the individual student meet the standards of the certain state that the student is in. It also helps the individual by teaming up with the Individualized Education Program to the general curriculum to make sure that the child is getting specific curriculum taught to them that is making sure that they are advancing in their learning in school and society. "The IEPs of students with all types and significance of disabilities should reflect general education standards. No student should be denied the opportunity to participate in academic life of the school community. At the same time, some students may require additional goals (such as independent living or vocational goals) not necessarily referenced to academic standards" (

Discussion 2
Choose one of the following concepts to elaborate on: Supplementary Aids and Services, Standards-Based Reform Movement, or Individualized Education Program. Provide a brief description of your chosen

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