Smoking Should Be Stricter Strict Rules On Smoking Essay

1346 Words May 13th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine a smoke filled room, in which people are constantly entering and leaving while unknowingly breathing in poisonous chemicals that will ensure cancer and other serious medical conditions in the future. Later in life, the people that unknowingly inhaled the dangerous chemicals will experience medical catastrophes that can and will negatively affect their family and everyone around them. This is the modern American society that has a population of over 316 million people. According to, over 42 million adults are smokers in the US. The current insufficient laws and regulations concerning smoking allow this percentage of Americans to affect the rest of the population. Almost all Americans are affected directly by smoking and or second hand smoke in places like homes, parks, or other commune based facilities. Although cigarettes are the most common, other forms of tobacco usage like cigars are a big contributor to the tobacco market. As the market for tobacco grows, so should the push towards a safe America. To combat the effects of smoking, the government should enforce stricter rules on smoking to limit the public’s exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is when a bystander inhales the smoke from a cigarette or other tobacco related substance. Secondhand smoke can take place anywhere at any time. This is because of the lack of regulations that surround where and when to smoke. Laws like H.R. 1256 attempt to eradicate the issue by regulation of the…

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