Smoking Ban Essay

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Smoking was socially acceptable in the past, however as society changes so do their views on smoking now. Banning smoking inside was the first step to reduce the use of cigarette smoke for people who don’t smoke. Now there is great concern about people smoking outside in groups. Outdoor smoking cannot be banded for people will find ways around it, but regulating outdoor smoking will have an effect. Regulating outdoor smoking would not limit the pollution of butts everywhere, or reduce the amount of second hand smoke inhaled and there is no hard proof on health factors from outdoor smoking.
The pollution of cigarette butts everywhere will most likely to continue. Local state agencies should’ve taken inconsideration when banning indoor
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However there is not enough scientific research on exposure for outside second-hand smoke. But the surgeon general seems to think that exposure to indoor second hand smoke is the same as being exposed to outdoor second hand smoke. The surgeon general might be trying to scare people in to banning outdoor smoking. Nonsmoking groups should be focused on banning people who do smoke in cars, or in a house with children. Children themselves can’t make that choice to avoid second- hand smoke. How many times has someone witness a child exposed to second hand smoke in a car or walking with a parent? That’s were a smoking ban needs to be more focused on. Being outside, people can avoid themselves and their children to cigarette smoke. For people can move freely and avoid inhaling second hand smoke. It does not compare to being stuck inside and inhaling second smoke, where it does not dissipate like outside smoke. “Researchers at Stanford found that levels of tobacco smoke within three feet of a smoker outside are comparable to inside. But no evidence demonstrates that the duration of outdoor exposer—in places where people can move freely about—is long enough to cause substantial health damage” (Michael B. Siegel). If nonsmoking groups are so concerned about the negative effects on second- hand smoke, where is the outcry for auto mobile exhaust? Just as harmful and more people drive at one time than smoke.

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