Essay on Smell The Roses : Taste The Lemons

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Smell the roses. Taste the lemons. Hear the bells ring. The best ways for me to engage with a text is to employ every sensibility through the use of visualization. When I’m reading a novel or poem, I employ visualization techniques as they become applicable. If the text mentions roses in the garden”, I literally “see” the garden and “smell” the roses; the sound of a train, I imagine the “sound” of the train’s whistle. If the text doesn’t mention the color of the train, I imagine that it’s red with clouds of white smoke pumping from the engine. In addition to using the senses of smell, sight, taste and hearing, through visualization, touch is another sense that I use. The extent to which each of the senses may be used depends on the type of text I am reading. For example, when I read the bible or a chapter from my contracts class, I highlight, underline, and mark the text with symbols. This is my way of touching the reading material. In recent years, audio books have increased significantly in popularity. Another great technique I use with this type of reading is simultaneously reading and listening to the material.
Who cares? The first step I use in my own writings is to identify my audience. Vocabulary, articulation and imagery are all dictated by the targeted audience, such as age, culture, religion and professional discipline. Until a few years ago, I seldom read fiction. I’d quip to a friend that I didn’t have time for some of that mess. My friend would say, “you take…

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