Slumdog Millionaire Oscar Essay examples

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Did Slumdog Millionaire deserve the awards it got?

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We, Rachita Gulati and Rachit Bhatia have prepared this report solely for our BC II project. We accept that every coin has 2 facets and we have tried to consider both the perspectives for the said scenario. But then again we might have been biased towards a single perspective. Here we declare that such an instance should be seen as unintentional. While writing this report we have included certain personal opinions and so, it must not be seen as containing derogatory remarks.
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Whatever view one takes, it cannot be denied that Slumdog was a great platform for Indian artistes – it got them international acclaim and hopefully opened up doors that were once shut for them. Indian artistes can probably now hope to be taken more seriously in the international market too.
We are of the view that Slumdog Millionaire was but an (slightly) above average movie, and did not deserve the plethora of awards it got. Also, though A.R. Rahman’s music was fantastic, he’s done way better in the past and should’ve probably been recognized for some of his more notable work(though we’re sure he’s not complaining now!). Here we present our view of the movie, the awards it got and why it did or did not deserve them.

Table of Contents Introduction 6 Plot 7 Background Work 10 Release and Box Office Performance 12 North America 12 Europe 13 India 14 Asia-Pacific 15 Critical Reception 16 Awards and honours 16 Reactions from outside India 16 Awards (Nominated and Won) 18 2009 Academy Awards 18 2009 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. 18 2009 Golden Globe Awards 18 2009 Directors Guild of America 19 2009 Producers Guild of America Awards 19 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards 19 2009 Writers Guild of America Awards 19 2009 MTV Movie

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