Essay Slumdog Millionaire: Lifestyles of the Broke and Unknown

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Slumdog Millionaire:
Lifestyles of the Broke and Unknown

In 2009, the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year was awarded to Christian Colson for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. This is the success story of an uneducated youth, raised in slums of India, who was granted the opportunity to compete in the Indian version of the popular US TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. In the end our main character, Jamal Malik (played by Dav Patel), wins the 20 million rupees. A big question wondered by the game show host is how a young man from the slums knows the answers to every question when other worldly and scholarly men, in high ranking positions were never able to answer every question. By chance each question he is asked manages to
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At best a woman could hope for is to be married and maintain a household. In the beginning of the movie the character Latika is shown as a young girl around nine years of age. Growing up and living in the “Slums” of India as an orphan she is ignored by the citizens in the town. Those more fortunate people pass by leaving her unclean, unsheltered, and unnoticed day in and day out. She is left to raise and provide for herself on the streets of India. That is until she meets the other main characters, Jamal and Salim. Again her role would change when they later encounter by the character Maman (played by Ankur Vikal).
In every poor man’s story there must be a wealthy character to compare the poor man’s misfortunes against. In this movie that character is portrayed by Maman. He is a well to do “business man” in India. In his life he has found a way to make money from exploiting the orphaned impoverish children that line the streets of the India slums. While in his care Latika is treated as a servant worker. She is put to work every day, pan-handling pedestrians and motorist at every given opportunity. Along with the other young girls Maman as in his employ, she is to take turns carrying and tending to the infants he possesses. Maman provides her with a bit more protection than he does the young boys, stopping them from rough housing or hitting her. However, he does this with the pure intention of protecting his investment. He

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