Sleeping Is No Means For Art Essay

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The quote: “ Sleeping is no means for art: for its sake one must stay awake all day” states that sleep is detrimental to the artistic or creative process, and the quote begs many questions. Is this true? Does sleep interfere with the artistic process or does sleep help in some way? To answer these questions lets create a hypothetical situation. Lets say a hypothetical artist exists and he has decided to make a sculpture. Before the artist can begin to sculpt he must first generate an image in his mind of what he is attempting to create. For example lets say he decides to construct a state of a Greek hero. The artist begins to sculpt and continues until it is very late, and he has to make a decision on whether or not to go to sleep before he continues work on his sculpture. First lets examine what happens if the artist decides to go to sleep. If our sculptor were to go to sleep, the first thing that would happen when he wakes up the next morning is that he would try to remember his mental image of his project from the night before, and this recollection is the first incident where his decision to sleep may interfere with his creative process. It is theorized that when we sleep our brains go through a mental erasure or filtering of “parasitic” modes of activity (Crick & Mitchison, 1983). These activities occur after times of overstimulation, and generally manifest as either fantasies or obsessions (Rasch & Born, 2013). This concept creates two possibilities for…

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