Essay about Slavery : The Oldest Institution

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Slavery, the oldest institution that has existed during the fifteen centuries up until the nineteen centuries has become a means through which black people of color were put in oppressive state by their whites to serve them and work for them in their homes, and plantations. However, due to poor treatments of black people “Servants were poorly fed, housed, and clothed” (Pearson 09/12/2016). This resulted in slaves been rebellious and even taking and planning their escape from the hands of their oppressors, since none of the slaves wanted to starve themselves or be punished. From 1820s to 1860s, there was a movement towards abolition in the North as the Northern states embraced gradual emancipation, the southern states were further away from it. The southern states were rather enacting laws to strengthen slavery whiles the north were enacting laws to abolish it. Moreover, this resulted in tension between the Northern states where slavery was illegal and the southern states where slavery is legal. In 1850, the Compromise law of 1850 was passed thereby a new slave law called Fugitive Slave Law was passed. The amendment of this law which required all runaway slaves to be returned to their southern owners distorted the northern abolitionist movements. The Compromise of 1850 resolved only a fraction of the problems that were destroying the union of the states but this Fugitive Slave Law did not bring happiness to the North and the runaway slaves so many slaves run to Syracuse a…

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