Essay On The Secession

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After the election of Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln in 1860 the South new that secession was inevitable. This was the catalyst that started the domino effect of the secession. One by one the Southern states started to leave the Union to form their own. Some of the first states to leave were Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. Along with Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida they formed the Confederate States of America. This new union wanted a weaker form of central government that gave each of its states total independence. Slave trade would still remain banned, but tariffs would be lifted. Their new president would serve a six-year term instead of a four-year and could never be re-elected. Although each state left separately …show more content…
Mississippi understood slavery to be the world’s greatest material interest and most vital part of commerce. So to fight against slavery is to fight against commerce and civilization. Mississippi felt the hostility toward slavery before the Constitution was even drawn up. From there the hostility only increased up till 1819-20 when the South was deprived of more than half of the territory purchased from France. Then again when Texas was annexed and more territory was won from Mexico. All of this hostility from the North proves to Mississippi that it will only stop when slavery stops. It will not stop until all of the South’s rights of property in slaves are denied and protection is refused to do so. Mississippi feels that the original idea of equality between the two sides is crushed due to the refusal of new slave states into the Union. The North’s plan of extinguishing slavery is understood by confining the South to its present limits and denying them the power of expansion. Mississippi agues, that the compact of the Fugitive Slave Law has been abolished in almost every free state. Mississippi accuses the North of supporting Negro equality, publicly and politically, and promotes the revolt and supports a behavior of provoking civil turmoil. Due to this Mississippi feels that the Federal Government has broken every agreement they have ever made having to do with its security. For this Mississippi feels that it must secede in order to protect their property and social

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