Slavery : The Condition Of Being Owned By One Another Essay examples

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Slavery: the condition of being owned by one another. The abolishment of slavery was a positive occurrence in the north, but the south was dissatisfied. This provoked a great difference of slavery that rooted the nation a part. Since the early 1600’s blacks have been intertwined into slavery. From labor to sex trafficking, blacks were transported unwillingly to work for the slaveholders. These black men, never in return were rewarded or given a break for the extensive work hours that was provided. Being tired of the treatment many slaves tried to escape but, if caught the discipline was tortuous. Still African American’s risked the consequences for a chance to start a new life. The history of slavery helped generate the concept of white supremacy. “Just as racism has been taught to a child, racism as a way of thinking became ingrained in the nation’s infant stages” (Brandow 2). When slavery began whites were known as masters because of the domineering ideology of society in the perspective of African American slave trade. Most whites were born into leadership with the help of education and equality. Although whites had a high quality benefit, African American’s did not. The blacks were born into the idea of inferiority. African’s were given no rights and no education because of the view as property, not people. Even the Negro’s who tried to learn were beaten or killed if caught. The whites took the black’s learning very serious because if the blacks had any…

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