Essay about Slavery : Slavery And Slavery

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Slavery is defined as bondage, held against someone’s will, severe toil or drudgery. Slavery began in America when the first African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. The slaves were to be sold to white farmers to assist in the production of crops such as tobacco. The African slaves lived on large farms or small plantations. The owners, “masters” of the slaves governed every aspect of the slave’s lives. The slaves were not allowed to be educated. Each and every movement of the slave was restricted and monitored. If a slave was rebellious to any given instruction, the slave was brutally punished physically. The women slaves were very often sexually abused by the owners. Slaves were divided by the owners by placement of work. The hierarchy amongst the slaves was the privileged slaves who served in the homes of the owners, the skilled artisans and lastly the field hands. By creating such a hierarchy, owners were able to keep division amongst the slaves. Slaves were often married to each other and had big families; however the slave marriages were not recognized as being a legal marriage contract. Husbands, wives and their offspring were often split up and sold to different owners. The family formation was inhibited precipitating in non-secure, stable families. Slavery has had a long term effect on African Americans. The insecurity and uncertainty of being enslaved by another human being generated unique constrictions, disruptions, frustrations and…

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