Slavery On The African Americans Essay

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Slavery on the African Americans during the 1500s to the late 19th century was a very cruel time. The conditions that African Americans had to endure was very arduous. Most whites felt superior towards the people that they labeled as slaves. African Americans were stripped of their dignity, pride and were often put through embarrassing situations. African Americans whom were labeled as slaves felt like they had no hope and that all they were good for was to work in the fields. In 1863, the President at the time, Abraham Lincoln, made the Emancipation Proclamation that lead to the abolishment of slavery in 1865. Although many Ex-slaves or African Americans were known as freedmen, they still faced oppressive situations that were far worse than being enslaved. The many people and amendments that tried to help blacks were countless but there were always loop holes that the southern whites took advantage of and placed restrictions on the African American society. There were great activist naming some such as Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Dubois who both used their ideas to challenge white supremacy though it always wasn 't easy. Southern whites were not accepting of freed African Americans being their equals and because of that many blacks were hindered rights they should have been given. Many tactics were used by the whites to keep African Americans at the lowest stature, from creating the Grandfather Clause, which allowed potential white voters to circumvent literacy…

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