Slavery Of The Atlantic World Essay

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Slavery in the Atlantic World

Slavery is a system that has been present in the world for centuries, dating back to Roman and the early medieval period. At one point in history, every part of the world has been connected to slavery in some way. Most notably though, is the Atlantic slave trade between the French, British and Iberian powers and their colonies. Millions of people’s lives were shaped by the crisscrossing social, economic, political and cultural relationships between Africans, Europeans, and indigenous Americans. Slavery is a wicked and dehumanizing act, but some of the Atlantic countries were harsher than others. Of the French, British, and Iberian slave conditions, the Iberian system provided more freedoms than the other systems.

The Iberian refers to the Spanish, where slavery never totally disappeared after the middle ages. Since slavery had been present so long, and the people were used to it, this caused there to be less discrimination toward slaves. During the Atlantic slave trade, the majority of slaves went to the Spanish. Over 1.5 million slaves were brought to the Spanish colonies. The number of slaves that the Spanish had was a lot more than the other systems, but the Spanish treated their slaves much better than the French or British. The slaves in the Spanish colonies had a higher social rank than the natives, because they performed skilled trades. Unlike the English who treated their slaves like cattle, and the French, who didn’t even recognize…

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