Slavery Is Defined As A Condition Essay

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Slavery is defined as a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom. While slavery might seem like a forgotten topic, to this day it still is an unresolved conflict that most current race issues stem from. Racism and prejudices has been present all throughout history, from Egyptians enslaving their poor to Americans enslaving African Americans to Children working for pennies an hour in sweatshops in Bangladesh. In the 1830 's a rebellion lead by Nat Turner, a slave, killed 55 white men women and children. As a precaution, in 1833 the south enforced slave codes. A set of laws and rules set upon slaves to keep them in line. This made the South who was already on thin ice look even worse to the Union. They were taking away rights from a group of people who already had little to none originally to ensure the Souths pockets stayed full and their social system and citizens stayed safe. This caused the beginning of the downfall of the south. The Souths selfishness and greed caused the final events leading to the Civil War.
Slave owners bought slaves they thought would serve their needs best. They took no consideration into the slaves family or friends. Which often caused husband to be separated from wife, children stripped from their parents arms, bother separated from brother. If the slaves got lucky enough their family was bought by a owner who 's plantation was relatively close to their own. They could visit after their work was…

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