Slavery Is A Significant Part And Issue Of History Essay

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Slavery is a significant part and issue of history, it has been for years. Up to this day, in several countries slavery is abolished yet in other countries it is not. Or so it is said to be against the law but the reality is that, it is known there are other practices that just have a different name but it is the exact same thing as slavery. (Dixon, 2013 para. #5) the main country we will be focusing on is Africa because it is one of the most populated countries with enslaved people still today. Africa is a country which is still struggling with the slavery issue. (Dixon, 2013 par # 7) On this commentary we will be focusing on one of the regions in Africa which is Mauritania, discussing on the issue of slavery, what other countries have an existence of slavery, and what other forms of slavery exist.
Slavery was a common practice for many Africans. Africa was significantly affected by the world slavery trade system. Slavery was seen different in Africa than in the United States, because in the U.S. it was all about ethnic groups, mistreating them and forcing them to do so much labor. In Africa all types of ethnicities could become and be treated as slaves, be a property and it also depended into what type of society you were born into, such as they express, it depended on your luck. (Wright, 2000 para #1) Slaves and slave owners in Africa were often both black Africans and as well as other races but it wasn’t like compared to the Americas where mainly white and the rich…

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