Struggles Of African Ancestry By Dr. Joy De Gruy

Slavery was taken place almost all around the world. Once slavery was over, the people of African ancestry had to face some common struggles and they still do, today. A few common struggles are racism and lack of opportunities by treating the trauma. Treating so one can overcome those struggles. Through the film Sugar Cane Alley and in the video Post Traumatic Slave Disorder by Dr. Joy De Gruy, will demonstrate how the people of African ancestry will overpass their obstacles.
One of the many struggles is racism. Racism comes in play when someone is being judged for their own race. During slavery, the main group being targeted was the people of African ancestry. Even after slavery, blacks were not treated equally or even given a position in
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The whole concept of them being “free” is being able to do things they could not do when they were slaves. Now that they are free, those opportunities are still far. The biggest opportunity out there is education. Through education, one is able to adapt and be somebody in a society and show the whites that they are not stupid and are capable of doing better than them. But, none of that can happen because the whites made it almost impossible for the blacks to get themselves educated. One out of millions gets the chance to study in good universities. For example José comes from a poor village, who lives with his grandmother named M’man-Tine. This old woman will make sure that his grandson will not live the same life like she did, working in the sugar cane fields. She wants him to be someone important and be able to live a more peaceful life. M’man-Tine was told that José has the character and the ability to go study at Fort-de-France. They had a quite little problem; José did not get full scholarship. Therefore, M’man-Tine worked as a laundry woman to pay his tuition. She is the type of person who does not give up easily. There are people who would not give up and will find a way to resolve it. The way they take an action to resolve it and finding another way to get to those opportunities has shown us that, they are able to overpass this common …show more content…
When it comes to slavery, we are not just talking about one trauma but a continuous trauma. This trauma is being passed on to one generation to another causing black people to be uncomfortable with themselves. We need to treat this trauma and not just walk away from it. All these years, all we have done is walk away from this problem. Walking away does not mean that the trauma will go away indeed some will forget but there is a good amount of people who do not. That group of people felt less important than all animals included and are not counted as “humans”. Through the horrible actions the whites have caused to the blacks, making it traumatic. This trauma has created broken people (blacks and whites) whom have created new cultures. We learn it from our environment making us the people we are today. For example, those whites that were part of slavery hate the blacks causing them to teach their children to hate them too. The only way for this trauma to be cured is by the whites accepting their horrible actions they have done to the blacks. Therefore bringing the blacks to feel more of a person, once all this has occurred, then the blacks will able to overcome any struggle. The only reason why the blacks acted this way was because the whites made the blacks feel this type of

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