Slavery in Western Territories Essays

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Jennifer Thurman
Professor White
HIST 2111- United States History 1
April 13, 2012

Slavery in the Western Territories: A Good idea or Not?
By: Jennifer Thurman

Dear Readers:
I am writing to discuss where our country is in this fight over how to handle this new territory we are trying to add to our current union. Let me start off by giving you a brief history on the issue of slavery. First of all now that we have become a union of states and have been trying to expand our union the issue of slavery has become a more prominent subject of debate among Congress and the political parties. The states of the union are starting to divide due to this subject. At one time we had an even number of states arguing the topic. The slave Free
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The delicate balance between free and slave states had been maintained at 12 each. Abolitionists were pleased that no area north of the Missouri line could become a slave state. However, Southerners argued that this was against their states’ rights. Salmon Chases said it best, “While the question of slavery in the territories had been avoided. It has not been settled.”

Many Northerners believed that if not allowed to spread, slavery would ultimately decline and die. As I said earlier the topic at this point has not been settled so when the State of Kansas enters the equation it got even uglier. As people are trying to avoid a split in the union they erected the idea of popular sovereignty. This meant that the people that settled the territories could then decide if they wanted to permit slavery or not. It would be left up to them not the government as a whole. Of course this brought about a battle to see who could settle new territory first. This we will call the Bleeding of Kansas. Each group wanted to outdo the other in terms of having more people and more power over this new land. The fighting started May 21, 1856 in the town of Lawrence. As this fighting was taking place it was setting the stage for each party to have ammunition and another reason for attack on each other. This ammunition included the violent attack of Senator of Massachusetts Charles Sumner by South

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