Slavery In The Northern And Southern Colonies Essay

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Slavery in America dates back to 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to North Africa to assist in cultivation of the profitable crops. When Europeans colonized North America, the region had huge lands that required labor for productivity. The first African slaves were brought by the Dutch and proved to be very industrious. As a result, slavery was widely embraced in all American colonies. The invention of cotton gin in the 18th century hardened the key role that slaves played in the American economy. As slavery evolved, an intricate and lasting mythology on the subsidiarity of the Africans was generated to propagate and legalize slavery. However, slavery and the treatment of slaves differed between the Northern and Southern colonies. The southern colonies were more cautious of the institution of slavery. They contended that the Africans were unable to take care of themselves and that slavery was a generous establishment that offered them food, clothes and kept them occupied. However, the Northern colonies held that blacks were inferior to the whites but questioned the magnanimity of slavery.
Differences between Slavery in the Northern and Southern Colonies
Slavery first started in New York with the Dutch. This was after a group of 11 slaves were shipped into the New Amsterdam harbor. This shipment
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The two colonies used slaves to supply labor to their farms and dealt with revolts in a similar way. However, they differed in the constitutional rights of the slaves and the exposure of black slaves to skills. The slaves in New York had some freedom where they would interact with other white workers and free blacks and were exposed to skills and trained on numerous skills. On the other hand, the slaves in the Southern colonies had no constitutional rights and were properties to the

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