Slavery In The 20th Century Essay

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Getting the necessary nutrients can help in maintaining a longer and healthier lifestyle. Before the 20th century, the food was just a way to keep one’s self from dying. Plain and simple. As years progressed the complexity increase on the benefits the type of foods that were eaten had on an individual. During the era of slavery, the nourishment of slaves depended on the plantation they lived on. Some were given allowances and some freedoms were as for some were treated worse that animals. In these two documents, I will be exploring the similarities and differences between these plantation owners and their treatment of slaves when it came to food. On the plantation of James H. Hammed, he wrote out a manual for the overseer to follow by. …show more content…
Hudson Jr.’s article there are number of plantation with a large amount if similarities between them. Illness was a great concern among many slave owners. In this time period people did not know that germs and disease could spread by the lack of proper hygiene and sanitation. Hand washing before a meal or before preparing a meal was not introduced until the mid-20th century. Slaves had to improve their own living situation to reduce the chance of them becoming ill. Food shortage was never to problem for many of these plantations. Slaves had the opportunity to hunt for their food as well as growing their own personal garden to provide for their families. The extra food they had left over was often sold it in market for profit. Owners made small attempt to keep disease down by telling the children that they could not eat with field hands. Meaning that they needed to wash up before they were allowed to have super. This rule was contradicted due to the fact that plantation owners allowed their slaves to cook with field hands. This would cause a greater chance of the spread of disease at a greater concentration. This means that one sick slave had the ability to infect an entire population of slaves. Plantations such as ones like the Finley’s
Comparing both of these articles, Hammond is more restrictive than the other plantation owners. The others allow their slaves to hunt for their meat, whatever it maybe. On the other hand, Hammond is more organized and has more

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