Slavery During The 19th Century Essay

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Slavery in America began in the beginning of the 17th century, and has turned into a practice that will stay around for the next 250 years by the Government. Slavery was mostly spotted in the Southern districts of the United States. It grew so rapidly in the Southern states due to many economical advantages that really built up the foundation of the South 's economy. The land contained very fertile farmland compared to the North that permitted the growth and development of large plantations which supported the use of slavery. Overtime, large numbers of the Southern culture began to really hinge on the ideology behind completely relying on backs of the enslaved African American Race. With more and more individuals and groups that started to realize that slavery was here to stay they started to approach the Slavery situation with open arms. Once the enslaved individuals on large plantations and small farms started to find out that their freedom was put on the back burners, they needed to come together and start taking matters into their own hands. Slaves had many ways of interrupting the norm that the slaveholders have been accustomed to such as, acts of sabotage, destruction of property, staying close to their roots and culture and to make sure that their ways of life do not get mixed up with the slaveholders beliefs and fleeing the area where they resign.

Slaves in the United States during the early 17th Century used a number of methods to show resistance to slavery and…

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