Slavery and White Slave Master Essay

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Sankofa, according to Africa folklore was the protector of the African American people. He used his drums to combat the evil spirits present among the world. The movie Sankofa portrays slavery in Lafayette with some of the most gruesome and shocking moments I have ever laid eyes on. During this movie there are many other subplots that occur but the ultimate goal for the slaves in Lafayette is a better life. A life not directed by a White Slave-owner. They sought and enacted ways that they could

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The slaves looked down upon Joe because even though he thought that the whipping of the pregnant women was wrong and unjustified he did nothing to combat the white man's word. They saw him as sort of an uncle tom. After this vicious act, Shongo attempted to kill the white slave master but using a machete. He was unsuccessful and shot once and then beaten down. He was still alive but was then put in a guillotine and left there all night with no food. The white slave masters tried to send the others a message that a revolution of sorts would not go without being punished. Nevertheless Shongo still organized meetings where those who wanted to rebel, against the oppression of the white man, were welcome.
They then came up with a plan that would anger the white slave owners indefinitely. They decided to burn down all the cane in the field. This was a great plan until the repercussions started to set in. Since the white men did not know exactly who committed this act of disobedience they began punishing random people in hope that someone would own up to burning down some of the field's cane. This is when a bomb was dropped on the slaves. They found out that Nunu, the heart and soul of the slave community was being sold to another white man. Shola, as the rest of her peers, where devastated. But, Nunu left telling Ali, one of the slave masters who was attracted to her, with words that rang true, I'll be back.
Ali was the one
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