Slavery And The New World Essay

1007 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Throughout history slavery has been a prominent labor force. When it began, enslaved people were often enslaved by those that were a different religion than them. Over time different groups of people were enslaved for different reasons. By the time the New World was becoming established a need for a large labor source was needed due to large cash crops. Africans became this labor force. The rise in a predominantly African labor force resulted in a new definition of racism. This new type of racism was a based solely on the color of ones skin, not how one identified their self or where they came from. Slavery and racism did exist prior to the establishment of slave societies in the New World, but they were much different than what New World slavery and racism came to be. Before New World slavery, many societies used slavery as a labor source. Some of these societies included the mid-evil muslims who enslaved black and white non-muslims; many times black slaves were given tougher jobs due to their stronger build. Although black slaves were given tougher jobs as time went on, whites were not exempt from these jobs, in most cases black slaves were much better laborers resulting in the task of having tougher jobs. Race was also not what it came to be in the New World, when the New World was formed and for many years after race was not black, white, or yellow; it was Danish, English, Irish, Spanish, etc. One’s completion did not determine what race they were. This was also true…

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