Slavery And Slavery

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Throughout history slavery has been a prominent labor force. When it began, enslaved people were often enslaved by those that were a different religion than them. Over time different groups of people were enslaved for different reasons. By the time the New World was becoming established a need for a large labor source was needed due to large cash crops. Africans became this labor force. The rise in a predominantly African labor force resulted in a new definition of racism. This new type of racism was a based solely on the color of ones skin, not how one identified their self or where they came from. Slavery and racism did exist prior to the establishment of slave societies in the New World, but they were much different than what New World …show more content…
indentured servants were held under contract, and released at the contracts completion and given land to settle themselves. Indentured servitude was open to blacks and whites. As the amount of land started to decrease along with the number of indentured servants. The lack of indentured servants caused a search for new labor. Americans in the New World tried to enslave Native Americans, but this proved to be problematic. Americans turned to Africa. At the beginning white and black slaves worked side by side. As mentioned in Ira Berlin’s book Generations of Captivity the first generations of slaves in the New world were called the Creole generation and ere mixed in with Europeans. The Creole generation were often even part European. Over time due to factors such as the planter worrying about black and white alliance blacks were no longer becoming freed and whites were. Laws began to form as early as the 1660s to decrease black slavery some of these laws can be seem in Peter Kalm Observes Labor Conditions in Pensilvania, in this document a break down of power can be observed. In the Virginia Slave Codes laws such as marking people slaves by birth show the difference between white and black emerging. Although the Spanish and Portuguese, who were bringing slaves to the New World, did have knowledge of Africans being better and stronger laborers in societies such as Egypt this is not why the target Africa. Africa was divided into many tribes and the tribes were constantly at war, these factors made African people easy to enslaves. Many European powers had been trading with Africa for years, and as the need for labor in the New World emerged Africans began trading people from other tribes that they had enslaved for European goods. Europeans took these enslaved to people to the New World as form of labor, and

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