Slavery And Its Effect On America Essay

1762 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Between the years 1846 to 1861, the United States government was in a constant argument over the idea of the expansion of slavery. The southern politicians perceived the decisions made by Congress a retaliation against the southern need to expand slavery, so their economy does not collapse due to soil degradation. The north saw the tactics used by the south as rebellious to the American form of government. Northern politicians believed the south was trying to take over the government by nationalizing slavery and corrupting the government itself. Both the southern and northern politicians began to use their passion to validate their fears about the other party. The south claimed that the north was being aggressive and inhibiting the growth of a society and the north believed the south was taking over the government and trying to spread slavery everywhere to benefit the rich upper class. The north and the southern politician’s fear of each other can be seen in the acts, debates, and events that happened. Each side used their passion for what they believed to support or refuse the acts of congress with illogical predictions of the future of “oppression”. The north did anything in their power to halt the spread of slave influence and the south proclaimed that the north was strangling the well-being of the lower portion of the United States. Once America acquired land from Mexico, the debate about whether or not it should be considered free or devoted to slavery became a…

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