Slave Rights In The Slave Era

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The whites and blacks interacted as normal people on the plantations in the early 1600s. They even worked together and believe it or not, they married one another, fought against the rich white men together, ran away from the plantations together because during this time there were white and black slaves working on the plantations. Blacks and whites with the same social status had the same rights but most of the workers were white in the early 1600s until the blacks started to arrive to the Americas in large numbers or groups.
The society at this time was divided by classes and not races and there were many interracial marriages as well. There were free black men and women at this time until the laws changed. Eventually, they passed laws to
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There were some blacks that were slave owners but had these rights deprived as the slave era evolved. It is obvious that slavery created racism and not racism created slavery because the blacks were forced to leave their homeland and travel far distances, segregated from their families, deprived of their rights and education to be enslaved by the white man.
Initially, the African Americans that were indentured servants or slaves had terms to serve and then moved on but this was all impeded upon the beginning of enslavement. The African Americans could go to court to regain the rights to their former slave without any issues and then all of these rights were stripped from them. Did racism cause slavery or did slavery cause racism?
The mere fact that the whites sold the African Americans, chained the black men up on the ships from their homeland as they transported them to the mainland, allowed the women and children to walk freely on the ships displays preexisting slavery in my opinion. African Americans were forced to come to the mainland to be auctioned as an object and not a human being. The volume of blacks grew and subsequently the plantation owners started replacing the white servants and slaves with the

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