Slave Labour In The Caribbean Essay

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The Caribbean consists of seemingly countless islands that all belong to different countries which have their own unique culture and race. The diversity in the Caribbean is due, in part, to the labour demands and migration patterns during the colonial period. In addition, the discourse used in relation to race during this time period helped to contribute to the use of slave labour from places like Africa and China. This paper will examine how the discourse used created the justification and rationale for why African and Chinese slave labour could be used in the Caribbean. This discourse, in combination with labour demands and the profitability margins for plantations on various Caribbean islands, caused white Europeans to find the cheapest form of labour. Once these slaves came from places like Africa and …show more content…
During this time period white Europeans acted on certain understandings about race as something, like a religious, biological or genetic trait, which determined a person’s phenotype, “blood” personality and cultural traits. This understanding, that race was a trait that had an impact on one’s personality or culture, helped white Europeans to organize their worldview, by categorizing the different races of the people they encountered they were able to establish a social hierarchy which led to the distribution of power. Because of this discourse slaves were considered a subordinate race in the minds of European colonizers, the plantation masters and the general white population. Therefore, the use of imported slaves for the plantation system in the Caribbean, which was controlled by white Europeans, created a social caste where slaves had a relatively fixed status, with little to no upward social

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