Slaughterhouse Five Comments By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

753 Words Nov 21st, 2014 4 Pages
Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five comments largely on the destructive nature of war. Our childlike protagonist Billy Pilgrim was essentially robbed of his innocence due to his drafting into the military. My first thoughts on this novel were about how Billy’s story extends to other soldiers and victims of war. The breaking of men and women’s’ ability to cope with the world extends far past the case of Billy. This is not just an isolated incident, it occurs much more often than most people care to realize. This book also draws particular attention to the use of “children” in war and how inhumane it is. Slaughterhouse-Five analyzes under close scrutiny, the appalling nature of societies and their governments who allow such atrocities to continue.
The difficulty of my initial understanding of this novel lay predominantly in the non-linear structure of the novel. The jumping around required me to take extra time to organize and make sense out of Billy’s thought process and life experiences. Other things that contributed to my difficulty of understanding this novel were the subtle triggers that were scattered and left for us to find. There are many cases were Billy encounter a trigger that sends him on his “time travels.” Some of these trigger’s are not made clear to the reader until later on in the novel. Recognition of this pattern of triggers and time travel also reinforces the fact that Billy is not time traveling but instead suffers from some more of Post Traumatic Stress…

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