Essay on Skepticism On The And Judgments

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Skepticism is the “ability to place into antithesis…appearances and judgments” (pg. 435) no matter what form or order they appear in. Appearances and judgments can be described as the way we perceive things through our senses and how we react to that perception. The goal of the Skeptic is to keep those reactions, or judgments, as ambiguous as possible. This is referred to as the “suspension of judgment” (pg. 435) or simply the refusal to believe or disbelieve anything. The Skeptics suggest that once you reach the suspension of judgment you achieve “mental tranquility” (pg. 435) because you no longer distress yourself with frivolous attempts at searching for an absolute good. Nothing is absolute, good or otherwise, and it is pointless to argue absolute truths and absolute falsehoods because for “every argument an equal argument is opposed” (pg. 435). Therefore, one should avoid dogmatizing their claims because all claims are subject to oppositions based in the assumption that “all things are false” (pg. 436) (a true Skeptic would even have an opposition to the claims made in the previous two sentences). The Skeptic does well to avoid dogmatism and absolutes in their perceptions of the world around them when making judgments based on appearances. Simply the appearance of something is not questioned because the appearance is the objective representation of that thing. However, “that which is predicted of the appearance” (pg. 436) is questioned because the human perception of…

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