Situational Awareness In Fly Like Sully

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Have you ever heard the term “situational awareness”? I simply describe this as being able to see the big picture and understanding what is going on all around you. When I flew an F-14 Tomcat for the Navy, I had to understand both what was happening inside my airplane and outside of it. To lose focus on situation could mean loss of life. On the inside, I had to keep an eye on radar displays and gauges. I also had to listen to the radio and process information. I also needed to be aware of whether there was other aircraft outside of my plane.
You can apply this same level of awareness to your business and your life to make sure you aren’t missing out on key things you should be doing to continually improve both areas of your life. If you have a specific goal, what do you usually do? Do you break it down into steps? How do you figure out if you are progressing toward your goal or not?
In Chapter 1 of my book
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Wouldn’t it be far better to take control of the plane and you be the one who decides what direction the plane flies in and where it ultimately lands?
Fly Like Sully
In my book, I talk about Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and the split second decision he had to make when he landed that A320 on the Hudson River. This is no easy thing to do. As a fighter pilot, I’ve faced a similar situation when my engine went out over water. You better believe you don’t survive a moment like that by throwing your hands up in the air and letting fate takes it course.
No, you have to take control of the situation and of the plane. The same is true in your business and in your life. If you have a flight plan, know where you are headed and where you are landing, then it becomes much easier to focus on those goals when a catastrophe happens. When you’re running a business and your engine goes out, you won’t just throw your hands in the air, but you’ll take control of the situation and keep moving forward to your

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