What Are The Four Basic Functions That Make Up The Management Process?

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In an article named What Are the Four Basic Functions That Make Up the Management Process? by Leyla Norman. Norman explains that the four basic functions which make up the marketing process are first planning and deciding, organizing, leading and controlling. The first step in accomplishing goals in management is planning. Setting the goals is a great first step to the management process. Planning also requires looking into and the present state of the company. Once the problems have been seen and addressed companies go into strategic planning and must take in place on how they are going to fix it. Planning is a never ending process, (Thorn, 2015) Companies always need to plan or their companies will lose in business. Also, there is long-term planning in which companies have a long time to adjust and think of Ideas there is also short-term planning where companies don’t have time and planning becomes very necessary.
5 The second function of the marketing is organizing. (Norman, 2015) Once a plan is established, leading and motivation is necessary. Leading plays an important part in influencing on how organizations or departments can be reached also, leaders motivate their workers and communicate their needs and what they do best in.
The third part of the management process is Leading and motivating workers (Norman, 2015).3Once plans have been thought of and have been planned and are ready to be implemented. 1 Organizing combines all the resources available to a team and to…

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