Essay on Site Visit Hsi Lai Temple

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Boyu Sun (861144976)
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Site Visit Hsi Lai Temple
In the morning on October 31st, I arrived Hsi Lai Temple, which is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the United States. Just like many temples I had been before, His Lai temple is located on a mountain surrounded by trees, where is quite and peaceful. When I walked close the temple, I smelled thurification and heard sound of Buddha song, and it made me have an illusion that I am already in the temple.
The first site in Hsi Lai temple that I observed is the gate of the temple. It has four huge red pillars standing on the ground. The mane of the temple was written on the banner located on the top of four pillars, and it was also embellished with many beautiful gold graphic patterns. On the top of the gate is covered by many gold tiles, which looks very sparkly under the sunshine. Compared to building we are living and working at, the gate is much more beautiful and grandiose.
The building behind the gate is Bodhisattva Hall. This building is as palatial as many buildings in Chinese imperial palace I had been before. The building is very tall, because it has a lot of steps in front of the building. And the major exterior color of this building is gold, which makes the building looks very spectacular. Based on my personal knowledge, in China, only imperial palace and temple can use gold exterior color and gold tiles, therefore the importance of temple in Asian sociality is obvious.
Inside of the…

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