Sir Isaac Newton : The Scientific Revolution Essay

2065 Words Nov 15th, 2016 9 Pages
To this day, Sir Isaac Newton is remembered as one of the greatest minds of, not only the 17th century, but to ever walk this Earth. His intuition ranged from the subjects of physics and mathematics. From his laws of motion to his law of conservation of momentum, he truly revolutionized the science of his day. He is responsible for publishing one of the most acclaimed works known to science. He was remembered for all the amazing things that he was able to accomplish, but there were some cowardly acts done by Newton that people never knew about. Newton was born into the days where science was constantly changing and improving our ways of thinking. This was known as the Scientific Revolution. This was a time period where people had a hard time transitioning into believing and trusting facts that scientists had unveiled. They had a hard time trusting these people and finding a mindset that was capable of understanding what these people were proving to be true. This time period truly transformed the views of society about nature. Isaac Newton was arguably the most important and influential scientists in the Scientific Revolution and his work was the capstone of the time period. Sir Isaac Newton was born on a farm on Christmas Day in 1642. He was born almost 3 months premature and was said to be small enough to fit into a boot. His father died before he was even born and he was primarily raised by his grandmother. Newton has a relatively routine elementary education at his…

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