Single Sex Education Is The Best Impact On The Young Women 's Life

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Separate is not Equal Once it is time to send your daughter to school, parent’s are faced with the dilemma of either sending their child to a single sex school or a coeducational school. There has been much controversy in to the study of whether or not a single-sex education system would be more beneficial to today’s children, and question that are often raised include; Are girls more concerned with their looks and actions then class work?, Do girls get the same education?, and How can the schools be equal and legal? This essay argues that a coeducational school environment will have the best impact on the young women’s life, and closely examine the subject from a legal perspective. (Bring up title 9 and give examples.) Single-Sex schools are a rather new topic that is still having to have many ideologies about what is beneficial for girls. In consideration of what has been discovered thus far, Christia Brown, professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Kentucky, argues from a legal stand point that, “As most single-sex schools are currently using very gender- stereotypical methods as a rationale for segregation, this issue will be the basis of many lawsuits.” (2) Hence, the subject is already becoming a situation of debate within it’s first thirty years, because it has yet to be proven beneficial. The No-Child Left Behind Act is what has allowed the beginning of schools such as this and Brown states, “It made a drastic change in American public…

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