Essay about Single Sex Education Can Be A Unique Student?

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Do you want to be a unique student ? Do you wish to receive more success in your future ? Actually , I strongly endorse the idea of single-sex because with single-sex education , I achieved a lot of achievements , such as high grade in high school . Besides that , with single-sex , I was more confident and more talkative in side the classroom . In addition to my own experience with single-sex , I enjoyed the vigour and vitality . Furthermore , my studying life had a lot of challenges in soccer, swimming , and I had another challenge which is about how I can get high grade in school . In fact , single-sex effects on my life in positive way and made me as man who is not looking for fashion or cool boy , but it made me as man whose primary goal is to get about the wisdom and patience . Single-sex education helps boys to be more encourager to study girls ' class , single-sex education make boys more comfortable , and with single-sex education , boys learn better than girls .

First of all , encouragement boys to take girls class is very remarkable . First , art is one of the most important subject in school , but in mixed school boys do not have opportunity to take it because there are a lot of girls . On the other hand , in single-sex education boy have ability to study this class . Moreover, language class is relating to female , for that reason boys in mixed school avoid these kind of class because there also a lot of female who are taking this subject instead of boys…

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