Single Sex Classrooms And Schools Should Be Implemented By Public Schools

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An intelligent young boy receives low grades, fidgets, falls asleep in class, and does not complete his homework. A sport scholarship-awarded teenage girl has missed the last 3 team practices and faces being benched for the next game. Because the teaching methods aren’t conducive to his learning, the young boy’s intelligence is not transferred to his work, and his attention cannot be held. Instead of attending mandatory practices for a sport the teenage girl has worked so hard for, she is being distracted by a boy and not taking her scholarship as seriously. How can we help these students make strides in overcoming these obstacles and fulfill their educational potential? Single-sex education was common in the United States, but by the end of the 19th century the method had disappeared from public schools. Now, some schools are experimenting with separating students by gender again (Gonchar). This allows the students to learn at their best in an environment focused on school work, not each other. Single-sex classrooms and schools should be implemented by public school districts.
New found technologies enable scientist to look inside the brains of boys and girls, where they have found functional and structural differences substantially affecting the learning process. Research discovered girls generally use more cortical areas of the brain for verbal and emotional functioning. While boys tend to use those same areas for spatial and mechanical functioning (Gurian and Stevens).…

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