Kingdom Of God In Light Of Human Suffering Analysis

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1. What is sin?
Sin is a consequence of human choice. There is personal sin and social sin. According to Fischer and Hart, the biblical definition of sin is the “destruction of our capacity for relatedness and the subsequent need for reconciliation” (Pg. 124). There is also original sin and “sin of the world”, which is the universal influence of sin. Sin can take the form of infidelity, racism, envy and others. Mostly, sin is the denial of love that we should have for ourselves, others, and God (Pg. 124). Suffering and death enter the world through sin. A venial sin is a “forgivable” sin that does not result in complete separation from God. Although mortal sin is more serious, there is still a chance for repentance.

2. How is it possible to “hope for” and “live for” the Kingdom of God in light of human suffering?
According to our text, Christians have a reliance on God that is reassured by a life of prayer and trust in God to help overcome fear (Pg. 152). Although there is suffering in our world, Christian faith must remain strong and not blame the suffering on God. According to Fischer and Hart, God
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He felt that Hitler would not stop until someone stopped him. Innocent lives were being taken and he believed he could not lay down an innocent person. Although he would be involved in the cycle of sin, he agreed with Augustine’s theory that sometimes you have to participate in a just war. Although I do not agree with war, for the most part, I believe the assassination of Hitler was necessary to save innocent life. According to our class audio lecture, Bonhoeffer believed that if they did not act, the “Christian” response would be such a scandal to faith that people in the future would not be able to take Christianity seriously. I feel this was a wise of him to see. Peaceful nonviolence would not stop Hitler, so something more needed to be done to help those who could not help

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