Essay on Sin And Virtue Go Hand And Hand

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Sin and virtue go hand and hand. Each of the Seven Deadly Sins has a virtue that creates a cancellation of that sin. Everyone is redeemable in the eyes of the Lord and even with Saint Mary. Saint Mary is Jesus’s mother and is the redeemer in the Miracles of the Virgin, where she saves the sinner from their sins and put them back on the godly path. She always saves the children that are victims of rage, because children have a better chance at living a virtuous Christian life. Since she is also a mother, Mary helps the children because that is what mothers do. Mothers protect their children from the evils of the world. The mother in Lai le Freine is the opposite of Saint Mary; she rids herself of one of her twin girls because of her pride and even contemplates about killing the child, something Saint Mary would never do. Saint Mary and the mother from Freine are different because Mary does everything out of necessity for others to learn the way of God and Christianity. She wants people to become better people and make their lives better for God not themselves. She takes care of others who show her love and devotion, even those who do not, like a mother whose child is acting up. While Saint Mary does everything out of love, the mother from Freine does everything out of her pride to protect herself from because she started a rumor about her neighbor.
Lai le Freine is about a young woman who was abandoned at birth. She is discarded out of the pride of her mother. The mother…

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