Jesus In Islam Research Paper

Jesus in Christianity is often seen as the central figure of worship, a divine individual, and has also been described in the bible as performing miracles with gifts that his father bestowed on him. It is a common misconception of many believing that Jesus is seen the same in every religion. However, the religion of Islam proves that Jesus is not seen with the same perspective that Christians see Jesus; although there are some similarities. In Islam, the Qur’an (which is the moral code for Muslims, which they live by) demonstrates that Jesus was born of a virgin (Q: 3:45), Jesus was nothing more than a messenger of Allah (Q. 19:30-33), Muslims do not believe in the trinity, Jesus was not crucified, neither was he resurrected as in Christianity …show more content…
One of those being that Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary. The religion of Islam still see Jesus’ birth as being a miraculous birth. Mary wondered how she would have a child if no man has touched her, but God being an all-powerful figure can basically do what he pleases. God sent an angel (Gabriel) to Mary to give her the news of her having a pure boy (Q: 19:19). This example of Mary having a child even though she was not touched by any male proves that God does create as he pleases. The Qur’an illustrates that Jesus was created to be a sign to people (Quran 19:16-21). Mary withdrew from her family secluded from any that knew her, and conceived Jesus. A concern that Mary has was that people would think badly of her because she had a child but was not married. Mary believed in the word of God, which made this possible. This is how the Qur’an describes Jesus’ birth. In Christianity, we see that they too believe that Jesus was born through Mary without having had any sexual relation with a man. They too had the angel Gabriel come down to talk to Mary and give her the news that she was to conceive a boy. However, the main difference from the religion of Islam is that in Christianity Jesus was said to be the son of God (John 4:14), God Incarnate, and the savior of the world. In the religion of Islam, Jesus is depicted as only a

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