Similarities Between Hunger Games And Dystopia

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In dystopian stories they often reflect the worst parts of the societies. Whenever authors write a dystopian story they take a look at society and pick out whatever 's bad or needs to be changed. Dystopia novels always show the bad side of things.

In the book The Hunger Games there are 12 districts of Panem. Each district is allocated by what the capital tells them to do:district 1 luxury,district 2 masonry/stonework,district 3 electronics, district 4 fishing, district 5 power,district 6 transportation, district 7 lumber, district 8 textiles,district 9 grain, district 10 livestock,district 11 agriculture and district 12 coal mining. Every year there is something call the hunger games where 1 boy and 1 girl from each district go into and area
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So of course districts closer to the capital have tributes that are big, bulky and ready to fight. When on the other hand you have districts like 12 that have a hard time trying to feed a family. The Hunger Games is similar to the movie Divergent. In Divergent there are factions which are controlled by a government. Just like in The Hunger Games there are factions/districts that are richer and better off than some of the others. The factions are divided into five groups based on your personality: abnegation, candor, erudite, amity and dauntless. Once you turn 16 you are required to take an aptitude test to show which faction you will fit in best. When Tris took the aptitude test the results were inconclusive because she didn 't fit in just one faction she fit in all; Tris was divergent which was a bad thing because divergent are highly unliked by the government. The day before the choosing ceremony Tris said,“Tomorrow at the choosing ceremony, I will decide on a faction; I will decide the rest of my life; I will decide to stay with my family or abandon them”(Divergent). Tris picks dauntless which is the brave faction that watches over the city. Throughout the movie alot of things pop up about how candor doesn 't like abnegation being in charge because abnegation is poor and candor …show more content…
But also in her society the government controls what they can and can read. Each person had a reader and a scribe and they can only read the stuff that is on them. They are not allowed to read any other books or poems. Once you reach a certain age you have your matched ceremony. When you receive your match you get a silver box with information about you match; but when Cassia looked at hers she saw a picture of Xander’s face her match and then a picture of a kid named Ky showed up. An official told her it was a mistake and that Xander was still her match. In Cassia’s society people die at age 80 and it was her grandfather 's time to die. Before he died each one of the family members went in to see him to solace him before he dies. When Cassia came in he gave her a poem that her grandmother had stolen when the where officials. If Cassia would 've gotten caught with the poem she would be in alot of trouble. She eventually took it to a factory where they incinerate books and while nobody was watching she threw it down the incineration tube. Later on in the book Cassia and Ky start to hang out together because they end up being partners for a hiking trip. They realize they are falling in love with each other. Ky saw Cassia reading the poem before she took it to the factory to incinerated it. Ky knew how to write so he taught Cassia when they

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