Essay Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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The world today is filled with many religions. Different parts of the world and different culture lead to the diversity of religious beliefs. As recorded, there are nineteen major religions that are widely popular among people (“Numbers of Adherents of Major Religions”). However, the more diverse the religions is, the more problems are going to exist. Religious beliefs have been contradicting with one another for a very long time. Different religions believed in different gods, events, practices, and et cetera; which sometimes clashes cannot be prevented between two or more religions. For instance, Christianity and Islam have multiple differences, but also many similarities at the same time. The major differences and also similarities between the two religions are the perspectives on how they view God, the role of God in salvation, and human nature. Christianity and Islam is the two major religions in the world. There are points of contact between the two. For example, both religions inherited from Judaism the belief of monotheism, which is the belief of in only one god. God is the one who created this world and shows concern for the human behaviors and the beliefs of human beings (“Christianity vs Islam: Chart of Similarities and Differences”). The ground of origin of both religions are quite similar. Both religions are considered as an Abrahamic religion. Which both religions traces the roots through Abraham. Both believe in Ishmael and Isaac, although the…

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