Similarities Between Aristotle And Aristotle Essay

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As an rational of human being, I believe human has ability to think and behave in a boundary of morally and ethically right and preferred by majority of others in our society. Each one of us has a priority and best belief that each of us values and these affect us upon making a judgment or action.
In my paper, I will investigate on ancient/medieval philosophers, Aristotle and Aquinas, and later modern philosophers, Kant and Mill by comparing the differences and similarities of these thinkers. Second, I will compare what each thinker considers to relevant to making of moral judgments. And lastly, how the decisions are made and how moral action is related the human good as conceived by each thinkers. Both Aquinas and Aristotle emphasize on the ultimate goal, happiness, and purposes in life. Aquinas thinks that the happiness and purpose in life is be based on faith/god. He believes that human needs grace of god in order to be happy regardless of the desire and effort. Aristotle, on the other hand, thinks that human have a purpose in everything they do and if the outcome is good, then it is happiness. Their teachings also emphasize doing good in life. Aquinas states “good is to be done, and pursued, evil is to be avoided.”1 Aquinas claims good as the nature of end following Aristotle teleological sense, all natural things move toward their ends which is their purpose.
Aristotle states virtue can be learned and achieved by making habits of doing good. Their…

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