Ford And Obama Comparison Essay

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Being a president of the the United States of America can be very hard especially if you have to decide over economic issues. General Ford and Barack Obama we're both great presidents. Both presidents have many differences, but as well they share some things in common. Some differences are that Obama wanted to raise taxes, while Ford wanted to decreases tax spending. Barack obama in other hand wanted to raise taxes especially for the upper class. Another important difference is on the military , Obama cut down on the spending to be able to get more for the Affordable Care Act. There is something that both Ford and Obama do share in common, that is they want equal opportunity for all taxpayers.
One big difference that Barack Obama and general
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Meanwhile Ford believed that having a strong military was very important, which he did not take away a lot from he even did a defense budget in 1977, which increase the budget, “ President has submitted a defense budget for 1977 which provides a real increase of $7.4 billion in total obligational authority in defense spending to buy new weapons systems; to improve readiness of existing forces; and to increase selected combat forces.” (Fordlibrarymeasum). In the other hand obama has put the budget lower , with the cost of that many soldiers went back home, “ The first is the Obama administration’s decision to start removing U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.”(PolitiFacts). The idea of the spending in military is something that Gerald Ford and Barack Obama won't agree on.
The main similarity they have is they want to have equal opportunity in taxes through the classes. Ford wanting to decrease the government spending means that taxpayer will pay less. Making sure that the people have more money so they can improve the economy then the government alone. Obama also believes in having lower tax rates so they can be more opportunity of big company making more jobs. Having at least one similarity on tax

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