Similarities And Differences Between Usa And Rica's Constitution

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The Similarities & Differences Between the United States and Costa Rica’s Constitutions
Branson D. Brewer
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

The United States of America and Costa Rica’s constitutions have several similarities and differences. The United States and Costa Rica have two of the most successful constitutional republics in the history of the world. They are alike in several ways, however, there are some major differences that allow them to thrive in their own environments. There are many components that describe the two countries: physical structure, traditions and how the constitutions were established, how the constitutions work, languages, military, religion, education, voting rights, presidential elections, and structure of the legislative branch, presidential terms, vice presidents, and Supreme Court justices.
The physical science of the two countries is completely unlike. According to the main speaker, Costa Rica is much smaller than the United States. It could actually fit in the state of Oklahoma about two and a half times (Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 2010). The population is a little diverse too. Costa Rica’s population is around 4.5 million, compared to Oklahoma which has
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Costa Rica comes from a tradition of Spanish and Roman law where the law is written out and leaves nothing to be interpreted (NWOSU, 2010). The United States comes from the tradition of common law, in which the laws are written out, but it is up to the court system to apply the laws with equity and fairness. The Costa Rican constitution is roughly 17,000 words, whereas the U.S. constitution is about 4,500 words. The United States constitution was established a little after becoming an independent nation. The revised constitution in Costa Rica was established in 1949 after a civil war over the existing government being unwilling to turn control over to the newly elected

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