Similarities And Differences Between Black Men And Public Space By Brent Staples

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As Peter Zilahy notes, “you have to make choice even when there is nothing to choose from.” Education and cultural analysis are two topics very different. And this is why Brent Staples wrote two essays about those topics with approaches and analysis different. From “Black Men and Public Space” to “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s”, there are a few similarities and a lot of differences.
In the first essay, it seems that the author was expressing his own experiences by showing to us how hard it is to be a black in the society and how he was managing this situation by trying to make others feel comfortable and mostly women. He wrote this sentences “My first victim” to catch the reader’s attention because in the whole essay he did not do something wrong and it appears more like he was the real victim himself. Like in the first essay, the first sentence of the second essay is also to catch the audience attention because the author wrote a sentence that is not very connected with the rest of the essay. But in the second essay which has a general topic, the author talk more about how to solve the problem of grade in college in a reasonable way.
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Like these women, the part-timers teachers are also vulnerable because of the lack of job security. So, to protect their job, they give good grades all the time to students even if these do not deserve it at all. In ‘black men and public space’, Brent Staples use examples, anecdotes and real experiences for emphasize his main idea. Nevertheless, in "why colleges shower their student with A’s." He is focused on general point of view and different opinion that have the same meaning. In other words, diverse opinion from people but with the same result wanted by

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