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Sarah Carpenter
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Silver Linings Playbook
Silver Linings Playbook
The narrative of Silver Linings Playbook is formed in the heart of Philadelphia around a middle class family at it’s breaking point. Pat’s, the protagonist, family has very much shaped his current situation; he has clinical bipolar disorder and struggles with stress-induced manic outbursts. After Pat’s release from a mandated rehabilitation center, he handles the next recuperating stage of his life in a similar way as a quarterback looking to make the next big play on the field; watching for possible blitzes and passes, anything to get the ball into the end zone, or in Pat’s case, to get in position for his life to get back on track, and
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There is a set-up of the protagonist’s life needing to change; Pat moves home to his parents, his father suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and instead of hope in a silver lining his moods are dependent on the success of the Philadelphia Eagles and his mother who manages to hold the two explosive Pat’s together. Pat reveals his obsession with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Nikki, as he checks out every book on her high school English class syllabus to read. The need for change is solidified when Pat goes to his psychiatrist’s office and the song that triggered his initial manic outburst, Ma Cherie Amour by Stevie Wonder- also Pat and Nikki’s wedding song, is playing and Pat has another psychological break. Then later that night, Pat meets Tiffany, which is the real catalyst for him to find his silver lining and is also the introduction of the sub-romantic plot. Tiffany requires Pat to give up the ideas that framed his old life, his relationship with Tiffany and his giving in to his father’s OCD regarding the Eagles, and to move on to his new life, post-rehab and with her. Through a deal Pat and Tiffany made to exchange a letter to Nikki for Pat’s participation in a dance competition, the two get to know each other and also unwittingly fall in love, though Pat does not seem to know this and the audience is not fully let on to it until the final scene. While Pat Jr. is developing his relationship with Tiffany, Russell

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