Essay on Significant Leaders During The American Revolution

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Significant Leaders during the American Revolution

The American Revolution is what gained Patriots their independence from Great Britain and also gave us this beautiful country that we live in today. There were many historical people during the American Revolution however, all that information would take a plethora amount of time to explain, which I don’t have. With this in mind, I’m going to try to tell you all of the significant leaders during the American Revolution in my power. First of all, let’s start with Major General Nathanael Greene. Greene was the youngest brigadier general in the continental army (Logan). Greene became close friends with the commander-in-chief, in which Washington stated that “he would consider Greene the best of his generals suited to succeed him in the case of his death or capture” (Logan). During the final campaign of the revolution, “Congress sent General Nathanael Greene to the South with a new army. This young Rhode Islander was the most capable general on Washington’s staff (Brands et. al 127-128). He helped with many things to do with the Continental army, “Greene 's fine support was likewise generally approved. That Washington approved of Greene 's ability in the administration of the affairs of the camp is shown by Weedon 's Valley Forge Orderly Book wherein General Greene 's name appears many times almost from the beginning of the camp on…

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