Significance Of Women During Colonial America Essay

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The Significance of Women During Colonial America
Life during colonial America was bleak; in many colonies such as Jamestown or Plymouth, from fewer than 150 people, a new community an ocean away from their old homes had to be created. Factors like agriculture, shelter, and economy were no exception to the long list of necessary things that needed to be developed. At first, the colonial people continued to abide by the same customs that they had back in Europe. As time passed, though, they began to have a different approach. One of the norms in Europe was that women were to stay inside the house to attend to housework and to take care of their children. However, in colonial America, that wasn’t the only thing expected from women; the role of women changed drastically. Despite it being considered improper in Europe for women to work outdoors or tend to businesses like men, colonial women joined men outside with tasks ranging from agricultural duties to handling business affairs (Bjornlund 24). Consequently, colonial American women played a critical role in the success of their families and the American colonies, as well as America’s independence. Women, like the roof of a house, organized and managed the house during colonial American times because of the innumerable necessary tasks they had to complete. These seemingly never-ending chores ranged from domestic duties to taking care of slaves. At home, their duties included everything related to preparing and cooking…

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