Significance Of George Washington 's Presidency Essay

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What was the significance of George Washington’s presidency? What successes and failures were present throughout it?
The United States has had a mixture of good and bad presidents that led to improving the country or causing harm to the country during their presidency. For instance, President George Washington role as president had a lot of significance because he was Commander and Chief of his army and led them into the Revolutionary War. He presided over the Constitutional Convention after the war, and he became the first president of the United States. Even though President George Washington was president of the United States, he encountered a few failures but also had many successes. In my research I will discuss his positions leading up to his presidency along with once he became president and the successes and failures that came along with him being in the Executive House.
President George Washington became Commander and Chief of his army know as (American Continental Army) during the American Revolution in the year of 1775. “The American Continental Army was made up of all local and state militias representing the solidarity of all the colonies against Great Britain” (Matuz,5). Not only did President George Washington become Commander and Chief of his army, but he also took control immediately, concentrating on being well trained and organized. According to Matuz, he states that “President Washington had made it a point to avoid any and all – out battles with the…

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