Significance Of Civilization

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8 points of civilization - cities that served as administrative centers, a political system based on control of territory, large number of people involved in non food producing activities, status distinction usually based on wealth accumulation, monumental building, system for permanent records, long distance trade, major advances in science and art (pg. 6)
Significance- this is how we today define civilization and use these points to make judgements of others, and it changes how we might perceive nations

Culture - learned patterns of action and expression; dwellings, clothing, tools, crafts, beliefs, and languages (pg. 6)
Significance- defines what people found important and their way of life as a civilization, country, or nation

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Significance- Was influential in the creation of a well known culture and society with a legal system that was modeled after for centuries

Epic of Gilgamesh - one of the oldest surviving works of literature, defines civilization as the Mesopotamians defined it, a king sends a prostitute to tame a man, she charms him and then teaches him how to eat, bathe and drink (pg. 5-6)
Significance- shows insight into the Mesopotamian life, and what they considered it meant to be civil, allows people to grasp the earliest concepts of society and manners Mesopotamia - a civilization in modern day Iraq located between the euphrates and tigris river, had an irrigation system for crops, harsh climate (pg. 14-15)
Significance- written records show life and technology, due to it’s location irrigation systems were developed and political ideas or views can be traced to
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26) were kings plus extra, they were considered gods, this gave them huge amounts of power and trust automatically from the people, it also meant huge efforts went into their funerals or them rejoining the gods

Thebes- capital of the egyptian empire during the middle and new kingdom time periods, farther south than memphis the moving of the capital during the later periods shows a shift in focus and power, and shows which region held prevalence at the time

Hieroglyphics- a system of writing that featured picture symbols that stood for words, syllables or individual sounds, which can be read today thanks to the rosetta stone (pg. 26) to the egyptians this was a way of writing, keep records and telling stories on tombs. To us however hieroglyphics offer us a chance to understand and better study their culture, technology and

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